Our key proposals

From debt-based to cash-only

Our money system consists of claims to money, backed by financial assets: debt. If the debt is not serviced, money is at risk. That is why governments prioritise collecting taxes and servicing of debts.

Evolution of debt-based money
Modern jubilee: € 25,000 for debt reduction
Design principles for central bank digital currency

A personal safe account for everyone

Ons Geld advocates the introduction of a personal safe account. Safe accounts are held at a public depository and accessed via a payment environment of choice. The market provides payment convenience. The government ensures stability and works towards the implementation of digital cash.

A personal safe account for everyone
A safe-haven for book-entry money
Public depository: safe-haven and level playing field for book money
How do safe accounts relate to e-krona and central bank digital currency?
Q and A following the the advise to establish a safe alternative to the bank account

Digital cash

Ons Geld advocates the introduction of digital cash. What is that, and why is it important?

Digital Digital cash
The virtual euro
Digital cash is a political issue

Our Work

Ons Geld Foundation

Ons Geld raises awareness and promotes public debate about the money system and its reform. Ons Geld strives for a socially responsible and fair money system that serves society at large.

The banking privilege
What is debt free money?
Deleverage without a crunch
A proposal for radical monetary reform

European commission

Our contribution to the EMU.

Letter to commissioner Pierre Moscovici
Answer from the European commission

Context and Perspective

Human Rights

The present money system subjects peoples right of self-determination to limitations, and hampers free pursuit of their economic, social and cultural development. By supporting this money system, States do not enable the peoples to flourish to their full potential. They fail to sufficiently provide and maintain circulation of “State issued debt and interest free money” (hereafter: “sovereign money”). To the detriment of peoples they actively promote general use of “commercial debt money” (hereafter: “bank money”) instead.

Monetary reform as a prerequisite for implementation of human rights
Oral intervention 3.4: Refuting Systemic Debt, Edgar Wortmann


Ons Geld and the Vollgeld Initiative are similar but not identical. We both argue that money creation should primarily serve the public interest and not the interest of financial institutions. To that end, money creation must become a public task, rather than a private business. However, we differ in the implementation.

Ons Geld and the Swiss Vollgeld Initiative
Highlighted areas of concern regarding the Vollgeld Initiative

Support us for a better money system!

Ons Geld is a movement of people striving for a monetary reform. Together we campaign for a money system that is stabile, fair and democratic. We exist due to donations of people like you. We are politically neutral. We lobby at all relevant institutions and work both nationally and internationally with likeminded people and organisations. Help us to raise awareness and promote public debate about reform of the money system. So there will be a money system that is socially responsible and fair, a money system that serves society at large.